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Em-tips An Integrative Approach to Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies

It’s finally that time of year. We have all been waiting for warmer weather and sunshine but with that comes allergies. Signs of allergies are sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, post-nasal drainage, cough, nasal congestion, decreased sense of smell and taste, fatigue, brain fog, and overall itching.

It’s hard to avoid allergens because they can be everywhere and often we don’t know what they are. Allergens can be tree and grass pollen, mold spores, insects, mites, animal dander, and mold. During allergy season our entire system can become more inflamed making us allergic to things we normally aren’t allergic to.

I suggest:

  1. Avoiding foods that you are intolerant or allergic to and maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet
  2. Using a HEPA Filter
  3. Dust proofing your house and especially your bedroom
  4. Vacuuming, cleaning and dusting regularly
  5. Sinus Irrigation morning and evening to clean what has settled at night and during the day
  6. Antihistamines and Nasal Sprays (common ones include fluticasone, cetirizine, loratadine, fexofenadine, and diphenhydramine)
  7. Natural allergy supplements include stinging nettle, quercetin, bromelain, and NAC. D-Hist and D-hist Jr. are popular natural supplements.
  8. Consider whether you have gut dysbiosis and or leaky gut and food intolerances – one of our integrative providers can help with this


Your health. Simple.

Dr. Supak

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