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Em-tips Breathing for Wellness!

We all could use a breathing coach. Most of us live our life taking shallow frequent breaths. Taking slow deep breaths can improve mental and physical health including insomnia, anxiety, hypertension, pain, etc. Breathing for health is not as easy as it sounds , but with practice it can be.

1. Find a comforable seated position It can be in your parked car or at your desk.

2. Set a timer for 1 minute. You can look softly into the distance or close your eyes.

3. Place your hands in your lap and relax your shoulders, arms, neck and back.

4. Breath in through your nose filling your diaphargm for a slow count of 5 and breath out through your nose emptying your lungs for a slow count of 5.

5. Repeat 6 times for a minute. Try to take only 6 breaths per minute.

How do you feel? Try this for 5 minutes or even 10 minutes most days of the week anywhere and anytime. 

Your Health. Simple. 

Supak MD

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