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Em-tips Improve Immunity

It is cold and flu season. Protect yourself by boosting your immunity.

Sleep more. Sleep is under rated, but so important. Most of us do not get enough good sleep. Treat yourself and try to get an extra hour of sleep each night this week. Add it to your routine.

Routine. Stick to a routine and under schedule to avoid stress. Children need rout…ine; and, so do we.

Breathe. Adopt daily breathing exercises; be in tune with your breathing to help you deal with stressful times. Stress is unavoidable, but we can can teach our mind how to better handle it. Stop what you are doing everyday and pay attention to your breath for 1 minute. Increase to longer periods of time.

Probiotics. Take them.

Omega 3s and Vitamin D. Make sure you are taking adequate amounts of omega 3s and vitamin D.

A whole foods diet. Eat real food. Avoid processed and junk food. Avoid refined sugars.

The Gs. Cook with lots of ginger and garlic. Drink ginger tea.



Be positive.

Your health. Simple.
Supak MD

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