Ginger tea is wonderful anytime of the year, but it is a staple for the cold season. I drink a cup every morning during the fall and winter. It helps reduce inflammation, warms me up, and helps fight off viruses. There are many ways you can make ginger tea. Here are two ways.

1. Grate 1 inch of fresh ginger in a cup. Fill cup with boiling water. Let the ginger …steep for 5 minutes. Add honey if needed for taste. Sit down, sip and breath.

2. Start to boil 4 cups of water. Grate or slice 2 inch cube of fresh ginger. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes. Add honey of needed for taste. Sit down, sip and breath.

In Sanskrit, ginger is known as vishwabhesaj, the universal medicine. It has many uses including treatments for sore throats, colds, inflammation, arthritis, morning sickness, and nausea. My parents have always made me ginger tea when I was sick. I made ginger tea for myself when I was pregnant. Now, I make ginger tea for my family.

Your health. Simple.
Supak MD

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