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We are proud to be the first clinic in the area to offer safe and convenient COVID 19 Nasal Swab curbside testing for all! Our FDA Authorized testing is resulted in 2-5 days depending on priority. We have safely performed over 2500 nasal swabs to date

We Offer:
NASAL SWAB PCR TESTING – SEND-OUT, FDA AUTHORIZED - send-out testing is performed though a hospital or national lab and resulted in 1-5 days depending on priority. Average is close to 3 days. Times can vary and are dependent on testing volume during our national health crisis.
NASAL SWAB TESTING- QUIDEL SOFIA 2- RAPID TESTING, FDA AUTHORIZED - COMING SOON! We have several machines and can perform RAPID TESTING Soon. We always combine this test with a send out to verify a finding
NASAL SWAB PCR TESTING – ABBOTT ID NOW – ? We were the first clia-waived clinic in Michigan to offer this machine for DNA Strep and Flu testing. The federal government is now purchasing all allocations and despite frequent requests, we have not received an answer. Accuracy is also an issue, ranging from 49% to approx. 86% accurate.


What does a COVID 19 Nasal Swab Detect?
A COVID 19 nasal swab directly detects the presence of the COVID 19 syndrome / SARS CoV 2 virus when performed correctly.
Our test is a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) based which is very accurate, and detects the presence of the RNA of the SARS CoV 2 Virus. We follow always testing guidelines to obtain the best sample.

Which is more accurate, a COVID 19 send out test or a rapid test?
A send-out nasal swab is much more accurate when performed by professionals.
Accuracy matters when it comes to COVID 19 and unfortunately, results of the current rapid test has been questioned (Only 85% to 49% accurate). We have seen numerous instances where a rapid swab result was erroneous, while our provider performed swab was positive. A rapid test may be helpful for immediate screening, but this test should probably be accompanied with a nasal swab for verification, just as we do for Strep throat cases. When our supplies arrive, our Rapid Testing protocol will involve a rapid test and a send out test for confirmation. Always keep in mind that you can carry the virus and still test negative on any test type, so we recommend repeat nasal swab testing if symptoms continue.

Why do you perform a nasal swab outside?
Our main priority is to limit exposure of our patients and staff.
Research has shown that the risk of infection from COVID 19 exposure outside is very low. Aerosols form from coughing, sneezing or talking and can remain suspended in air for approximately 3 hours. The act of taking a nasal swab can generate these aerosols. We do not want to place anyone at risk from this and have chosen to test outside, rain, shine or snow! YOU SHOULD NEVER GET SWABBED INDOORS.

How do you keep everyone safe during a nasal swab?
Your safety is always our top priority and we meet and exceed recommendations for outdoor testing!
We have been following all recommended CDC policies and procedures, and exceed many! We perform all testing at your car to eliminate aerosols which can remain in an enclosed space. Our providers wear eye goggles, an N95 mask, a face shield, full gown and double gloves for each encounter. Between encounters, our outer gloves are sanitized, and changed for new gloves before we move onto our next encounter. Because of our extensive policies and procedures, all of our providers and patients have remained safe to date!

Can I perform a throat swab vs a nasal swab? Can I swab myself?
While we can allow a throat swab or self-swab, we would HIGHLY recommend you let us test you with a nasal swab.
Our shared goal is to get the most accurate COVID 19 result possible! We have seen numerous instances where a self-swab or a rapid swab result was erroneous, while our provider performed swab was positive. We have performed over 2500 nasal swabs and all providers are extremely proficient at this! The accuracy of throat swabs is less than nasal swabs, and self-swabs have also been questioned as it is hard for anyone to place a foreign object in one’s own nose far enough to get an accurate sample. See the article below!

How do I receive my results? How can I get a copy?
We always call all results, negative or positive!
We cannot email test results due to HIPAA regulations, but we can send them to a secure fax and we can also print a physical copy for you to pick up. We would prefer you create a MyQuest account at Once an account is set up, you can view and print your test results as needed!

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