We are proud to serve our communities during this national emergency.  We have been performing curbside COVID 19 testing since the beginning of the COVID 19 crisis and are dedicated to providing the safest testing experience for all!  

Safer Testing Outside

We exceed testing guidelines and test outside to avoid aerosols from testing.  Our providers always use protective equipment including gowns, face masks, gloves and N95 masks to provide safe care for all.  Follow the steps below:

1.Download the following forms

Complete these forms for each person receiving Send-out and Rapid testing. Do not complete the ’Rapid Testing Form’ if you do not want a RAPID test. Click here to download 
[COVID Intake Form] 

2. Bring your paperwork

2. Bring your paperwork, health insurance card and driver’s license with you. To help speed your visit, make two copies of the front and back of your insurance card and driver license (one set for each patient.)

3. Arrive at your convenience! 

We are open 8 am to 3 pm M-F and 9 am to 3 pm Sat/Sun depending on weather, holiday, parking lot traffic and capacity at both our Northville and Bloomfield locations.

4. Wait in line

Wait in line and pull forward into our designated spots when one opens. We will collect your completed registration materials and insurance information. You will be swabbed using the more accurate nasopharangeal technique. Once completed, you can either wait in the designated area for Rapid testing results, or you can depart and we can call you later.


For SEND OUT results,you will receive your results directly via email from our partner labs (Northwest Labs - 2-3 days but can vary). The passcode is the patient’s birth year 4 digit. We only call those over the age of 65 and minors along with family members. For RAPID results, we will call, text or email you regarding your rapid results, depending on how we are able to contact. Our providers call positive results and provide counselling.

Our SEND OUT TESTING detects the presence of the SARS -CoV-2 RNA.  SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes COVID 19. These samples are analyzed via the RT-PCR method at a laboratory with CLIA Highly Complex license.  Results may be returned in as little as 1 day (average 2-3 days) but depend on testing volumes in the area. 

This test uses a nasopharyngeal swab (inserted into the back of the nasal passage where it meets the throat) to collect material.  This material is analyzed to detect any physical pieces of coronavirus.   A positive result indicated that viral structure material is present.  A negative result indicates that the COVID 19 virus was not detected.  It is possible to have a very low level of virus in the body with a negative result.

Send out testing is over 97+% accurate with symptomatic patients.

This testing meets the requirements for International Travel.  (RT-PCR test name on the lab result, a clear positive or negative test result, patient name and date of birth, test collection date, test reporting date, and test location.  The laboratory address and telephone number are also listed for questions.)

We continue to partner with the best and fasted labs in the area!  We are always looking to add additional testing options with our partners to improve accuracy, reduce cost, and increase comfort! 

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